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What will cost?

With the Farmer and Trader rate you can exploit all the advantages of

  • Protect your identity at your discretion. With the Farmer and Trader rate you can decide for yourself whether you would like to reveal your identity to other farmers and traders.
  • In the internal market area all farmers and traders can negotiate directly and multilingually with each other. And we would be glad to help you with this!
  • Close deals and find new trade partners.
  • Review the price informations.
  • Utilize the expertise of our experienced team.

Rules for a fair trade:

  • You will offer your produce on exklusively – until your offer on will expire. You shall not sell your produce elsewhere during that timeframe!
  • You must be prepared to sell your produce according to the conditions stated by you.
  • After expiration of a lot or request you are entitled to extend your offer.
  • Please note the abreviated GTC you will have to confirm when posting an offer (lot/request).

January 1st  2016

Free Farmer Trader

will offer selfgrown produce exclusively
are processors, traders, growers' associations
Commission Seller
2,2 % 1 % 1 %
Commission Buyer
2,2 % 0 % 0 %
Membership fee
(annual payment; cancellation period 3 month to the end of membership year)
0 €

59,90 €/year
and farm

598,80 €/year
means:   4,99 €/month 49,90 €/month
per additional account

29,90 €/month
payment Invoice

Your possibilities
Free Farmer Trader
Offer and sell procude (only with valid organic certificate) + + +
Request and buy produce + + +
post price information (growers only) + + +
review price information as price reporter + +
Validate you organic certificate + + +
Review contact data - + +
more than one stock location - - +

Please note that you will be unable to utilize the rate booked before receipt of payment. After receipt of payment we will enable your rate without delay.

Changing rates and Cancellation

Changing rates: You can upgrade to a different rate at any time. Changing to a minor rate is permissable within the cancellation period.

Cancellation: All rates which are subject to a charge have a cancellation period of three months prior to the end of a membership year.

Assist us in improving!

To give you - and thus organic farming - the greatest possible benefit we are relying on your response. Please inform us whether

  • you like something in particular
  • you see room for improvement somewhere
  • you encounter technical problems on the platform.

Please call us at 0049 (0) 5862 17 99 800 or send us an e-mail.