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Reporting and reviewing price information on

Transparency is the foundation of fair trade!

Flyer price information

You report your transactions and in return you will receive access to the price reports. With every report the overview will become more and more valuable for you and your peers. We are looking for commitment and regularity in this! This will increase everyone's trust in the price information.

For example wheat in EUR/t: weighted quarterly price over three years

Prerequisites and conditions for becoming a price reporter:

  • You are an organic producer and you have a valid corresponding certificate.
  • You only report prices of transactions and produce that has been grown and produced on your farm - as prompt as possible. We collect grower's prices exclusively on
  • Only with actual reporting activity will you receive access to the collected price information of the respective produce category .
  • You regularly and promptly report your raw produce transactions.
  • As a reminder you will receive an email once a month asking you to report last month's prices.
  • Should you have no transactions to report you are asked to give us a short feedback saying "No transactions made."
Take the following steps to be able to report and review prices:
  • Log into your account employing your user name and password. If you do not have an account yet please register first.
  • Upload your valid organic certificate (under "Account" in the navigation bar). Your account will be enabled after validation.
  • You can now report prices. Click on "Price information", then on the green button labelled "Report prices" and first choose a produce.
  • With a price report you are now entitled to review the price informations. The access is temporary:
    • unverified price report - 3 months of free access to the collected price informations of one produce category
    • verified price report*** - 6 months of free access to the collected price informations of one produce category

This offer is completely free of charge for you! You can withdraw any time - a short message to us will suffice.


***Verified prices - What does that entail?

To further enhance the quality of price reports you can let us verify your price report. You send us some proof (e.g. a trade contract) so we will be able to check your price report. Your price report will then be labelled as "Verified price report". You will thus further enhance the value of the information and will receive prolonged access to the price informations in return.


How to receive price information as a non-reporter

You are a consultant or simply interested in price information? And you would like to always have access to price information on

You can do so for just EUR 14.90/month plus statutory VAT.

Interested? Send a short email to

Our rates offer even more advantages. You will find further information in our Rates overview.



Further questions or comments?

Common questions:

Our Trade and Market team will be available to you should you have any questions. Please do not hesitate to contact  us:

Tel. +49 (0) 58 62 - 17 99 800

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