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Additional Services offers you a variety of services to make your trade as easy as possible. Here you will see some examples of services offered by us. Should you be in need of assistance at any point please do not hesitate to contact us.


In addition to the trade platform features offers a variety of services which will be rendered by our local partners for a fee. What follows is an incomplete list of services offered:

• Forwarding of requests (via telephone or mail) - without translation
We will forward your requests via telephone or email. Also anonymously should you choose to keep your identity protected.
• Translations into one language and translation of the answer - always plus forwarding
We will translate your emails and also translate the answers in your correspondence with a (potential) trade partner.
• Posting Service You simply call us, send us a fax or an email containing all vital information concerning the lot or request - we will post the lot or request for you online.
• Bidding Service We will post your bid on a lot or request online.
• Organization of samples Domestic/Europe/World We will organise your complete shipping of samples. You send us a sample of your lot (e.g. 2kg min with grain) and as soon as a request for a sample by a potential customer arrives we will dispatch a professionally packaged sample. It will be irrelevant whether the request reaches us via you or directly. Naturally you can also employ our sample organization service if you spot an interesting lot on the trade platform and can not or do not want to contact the seller yourself.
• Laboratory order via Our partner laboratory will supply analysis for nearly all foods and feedstuffs. If comissioning our partner laboratory we can, on request, post the results directly into your lot online.
• Tour of the platform (30 mins) Our partners will gladly explain the trade platform and all its features via telephone or, if requested, via remote maintenance software.
• Transport organization: We will take care of the complete transport organization. This means: We will arrange for a forwarding agency that will handle the transport from the seller to the customer. We will settle all questions regarding to transport with the customer and the seller.
•The trust service can be employed for all trades conducted through or outside of the platform. The escrow account will be deposited with a German lawyer. All amounts in the account will be protected from the access by third parties by German law. Use of the escrow account will cost a fee of 0.5% of the turnover and it may be utilized with a turnover starting from EUR 5,000.00. The trust fee will be borne by the seller and buyer in equal parts (amounting to 0.25% each). A trade employing the escrow account will be conducted in the following manner

If you have questions concerning our fees please contact one of your assigned partners.

Premium commercial service

Your have further or more detailed requests? In that case you may want to consider employing our Premium Commercial Service.