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Who can buy produce on
Agricultural or commercial businesses exclusively.

Which kind of produce can I sell on
Organic raw produce, e.g. organic grain, or products which have undergone the first stage of processing, e.g. oils, exclusively, all having to be certified at least as EU-Bio (regulation 834 / 2007).

What verification do I have to submit if I want to sell produce?
The certificate which indentifies you as an organic business. For association produce you will also require the respective farming association's certificate.

What should I do if there is no category for my produce?
In that case please contact us at 0049 (0)5862 / 17 99 800 or send us an e-mail indicating the missing category for which you want to post an offer or request.

How do I post a lot?
We have provided an online demo video which will instruct you graphically on how to make a post. To start the posting procedure simply click on the green right hand button labelled "Lot" on the trading floor after log in.

How do I post a request?
Posting requests works very similar to posting lots. Simply watch the demo video.
To start the posting procedure click on the green right hand button labelled "Request" on the trading floor after log in.

How can I find matching offers or requests?
You will find the latest offers and requests on the trading floor.

What will I be charged if I use
You will find the rates charged for using HERE.

How do I contact a potential trade partner?
As soon as you have logged into the trading floor you will be able to bid for a lot or ask for additional details concerning a lot.

All negotiations are conducted anonymously. An example: Someone posts a lot of spelt. You and other users make a binding bid for this lot. Only when the seller has decided on which bid to accept will your contact data be transmitted to him or her. The procedure for a request is quite similar.

When will I enter into a commercial contract?
With lots: As soon as the one person/company offering the lot has decided on a bid and has confirmed it online.

With requests: As soon as the person/company seeking a lot has decided on accepting the offer which you posted and has confirmed it online.

Can I withdraw from a contract?
No! Contracs entered on the trading plattform are as binding as any other contracts you entered offline.

Who will be party to a contract?
Only you and the buyer or seller with whom you will trade. Regarding to the use of the trade platform your contractual partner will be otx AG. However, regarding to purchases and sales via the platform your trade partner will be your only contractual partner. thus only acts as an intermediary between trade partners.

Will I stay anonymous while trading?
Yes! Trade is conducted anonymously exclusively. Only after conclusion of a contract will your contact data be transmitted to the one who posted the lot or request. A rating system which will enable everybody to share experiences with potential trade partners is being planned.

Can I exclude certain users from trading with me?
Yes! We are currently working on an account feature which will enable you to block certain other users. He or she wil noc longer be able to make bids for your lots and requests. Please refer the names of  parties that you want to exclude from your future trade to us.

How can I review price information?
Only if you have submitted prices yourself  will you be able to also fully review the prices of other producers. Please go to the field labelled "Price information" and log in to your account.

Under "Category/Produce" you can screen the data for product (e.g. Einkorn wheat).

Under "Association" you can screen the data for agricultural association (e.g. Demeter).

Under "Quantity" you can screen the data for the quantity of produce sold.

Under "Timeframe" you can screen the data for the date of closure.The "Region-screener" is not yet available but you will be able to calculate the respective distances from the kilometers indicated in the summary table.
When the screened list appears you can have it arranged according to different criteria by clicking on the respective column headline.

How do I submit price information? (Demo video)
If you are already a registered user of you can log in to your account under "price information". Then simply click on the green field labelled "Submit price information" at the top right.

Here you can enter your data (produce, price per quantity, country of origin, terms of delivery, association, postal code and date of contract). Your postal code will not be visible to other users. It only serves to calculate the distance to someone who might be reviewing the price information.

Then please click on "Save price information". What will appear is a submission preview, which you can adjust or affirm. Your information will be visible online instantly.

Note: We check the submitted information for possible errors daily and will contact you if necessary.


How do I submit price information for categories of produce that are not listed yet?
We can introduce new categories of produce at any time. Simply send an e-mail to or call us at 0049 (0)5862 / 17 99 800 and describe the produce and its specifications. We will then hasten to develop a corresponding form for it.


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