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Why is there

Organic farming means growing diversity. Thus marketing the diversity of organic produce is the essential challenge on the organic market to ensure the continuity and further development of organic farming. Comparatively small quantities of an abundance of different crops have to find a market at prices that are mutually acceptable.

The extreme market fluctuations during the last few years have shown that this is not always the case. Networking and transparency on the organic market leave much room for improvement. This can only be achieved with a platform that is both impartial and independent, but also easy to understand and use.

"In order to strengthen organic farming and to improve networking on the organic market we have developed the pricing and trade platform" says founder Dr Martin Timmermann.

This online emporium will start as a trial version in Germany and will subsequently be accessible across Europe and in different languages. Timmermann says "Then continous regional and supra-regional trade will be possible - across language barriers. Regionalism will be the top priority."



Dr. Martin TimmermannDr Martin Timmermann - founder of

Farmer and agricultural engineer Dr Martin Timmermann has served an agricultural apprenticeship and has been involved with organic farming for over 12 years. Among other things he has bred organic winter wheat at the Darzau grain research facility.
He believes that also niche products should have a chance at the market and also that organic diversity will find a market much easier through direct and simple internet trade.

Jens C. VielhabenJens Vielhaben - has implemented this pricing and trade platform

Solicitor and agency operator Jens Vielhaben has been assisting customers in the field of online trade for many years and recognises the chances the world wide web provides.

It is his vision to utilize the modern technical means of the internet so that organic raw produce can be traded across borders.

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